Campus-Lite Integrated School Management System

The complete risk-free and worry-free solution for automating your campus management, online enrollment, grades, admission, financial accounting, purchasing, asset management, library, laboratory, medical and dental operation, etc. in one monthly per student subscription price.

Campus-Lite seamlessly integrates school management and on-line students, faculties and parents’ web portal, with financial accounting, human resource management and other corporate services.   The ready-to-use application modules can cost effectively and reliably deliver critical services for your admission, enrollment, academic, security, library, laboratory and other campus requirements.

Campus-Lite is based on proven Open Source and Internet technologies as well as world class, best business practice -based software functionalities. There are no long-term contract and the package includes training, software and fail-safe Linux clustered servers, in both "cloud-based" and on-site appliance-type deployment.

Campus-Lite Campus Solution Roadmap

  • Campus Operation Services

    • Admission (& Scholarship) Support Module
    • Marketing Analysis Support Module
    • Student Information (Registrar) Module
    • Enrollment Support Module
    • Student Performance (Grade Book) Module
  • Campus Ancillary Services

    • Student Service (& Faculty Evaluation) Module
    • Library Support Module
    • Laboratory Support Module
    • Student Health (Medical & Dental) Module
    • Campus Wallet (Smart Card) & Retail Support
  • Public Web Portal Support

    • Students & Parents Portal
    • Faculties & Employees Portal
  • Financial Accounting Services

    • General Ledger Module
    • Accounts Payable Module
    • Accounts Receivable (& Cashiering) Module
    • Cash Management Module
  • Human Resource Services

    • Personnel Information Module
    • Employee Medical Benefits Module
    • Timekeeping & Personnel Tracking Module
    • Bundy Clock Integration
  • Employee Compensation Services

    • Payroll Support Module
    • Staff Advances & Loans Module
  • Corporate Services

    • Purchasing Support Module
    • Supplies and Materials Inventory
    • Asset Management Module

Value for Students

  • Eliminates long queue
  • Faster Transcript, etc.
  • Online grades & progress inquiry
  • Auto-notification on email & SMS
  • On-line self evaluation

Value for Parents

  • Overseas monitoring of progress, payables and attendance
  • Less traveling

Value for Managements

  • Fully integrated end-to-end computerization on subscription basis (per student)
  • Scale-up or scale-down based on your enrollment volume
  • Risk-free investment
  • No long-term contract
  • Auto-notification on email & SMS
  • Real-time business intelligence
  • Reduced clerical cost
  • Reduced seasonal staff requirement